zaterdag 27 juli 2013

She did what?!

Hi Lovelies!

Are you ready for this?


 All my relaxed/coloured ends are gone!! 

Meet the new natural Vie =)


 I thought that I would be scared or something. But I was smiling the whole way through it. My hair has never been this short, so I didn't now how I would look. But I'm still the same ol' Vie. Hair doesn't define me as a person so why hold on to something that's not that important. I was scared of what people would think, but really now that I cut it I couldn't care less. I did buy a wig though just in case I wouldn't like it lol. 

I went to Angel Cuts in Rotterdam to get it cut by Jennifer. She did a really good job! Thank you if you're reading this :) I filmed the whole process so when I edit the video I'll share it with you guys. So happy to be going on this new journey. I will still use the same products that I own now.  But I will explain again in another post ;)

What do you think of my new cut? Let me know! =)

Lots of Love

Varishta Shireen♥

21 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my god hun I've already commented on this on your Instagram but it was quite funny because I am answering blog comments, and saw urs from when I big chopped and u said ur only 11 weeks post and would be scared to big chop lol!!.. and yet u did.. well done xxx looking gorgeous

  2. yaaaay, You did it ♥
    thought you didn't want to chop off now but like you said 'why hold on to something that's not that important' ! its just hair and will grow back
    you look so gorgeous, vie.
    I love it. and the v-shape in the back is cute.♥

    Can't wait to chop off my remained texlaxed hair by christmas this year.

    1. Hi Bebe! I was so fed up with my thin lifeless hair. I wanted it GONE lol. I noticed that I was feeling sad because of my hair. And that's never good. Now that I've cut it I feel great. Can't stop smiling =D
      Thank you very much xx

    2. I totally understand that feeling. I had that feeling before my chopping decision, too. we as women should never let our hair get us down or feeling less attractive because of it. a bad hair day is okay but when the feeling becomes constantly, then there is something wrong.
      glad that you are over that stage now. a smile is the best make-up, girl

  3. You look gorgeous!! I am so proud of you because I am not brave enough to rock a style like that you are working it! :)

  4. wow i was shocked when i read the title of your post. BUT it looks good ... different... but good!

    1. Thank you! =) It's defenitely something to get used to, but I love it

  5. It looks gorgeous! Congrats to you and I wish you the best on your new hair journey ;-)

  6. Die pruik kan je dragen tijdens de winter maanden meid, want je gaat die kou echt voelen hahaha