dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Long Term Transition or...

Hi Lovelies!

It's been awhile since I've updated you on my hair and my transition journey. Let me tell y'all. I'm sooo fed up with my hair. I really just want to chop it off. And I mean CHOP IT OFF lol. I don't exactly know why I feel this way. The thought of a long term transition scares me in a way and makes me nervous. I don't think I have the patience to grow my relaxed hair out. I'm also curious how I will look with a really short cut. So why not do it while I'm still young (I'm 25 years old). Now I have to be honest. The chances are high that I will not feel confident after I big chop. If that is the case I will weave it up and leave it alone, just like I would do if I were to long term transition. The only thing I need to know is how long my hair needs to be to put it in braids/weave if I don't like it short. Or find a decent wig (lace wigs in The Netherlands are so expensive!) 

My birthday is September 1st. I don't know if I should big chop before my birthday and put it in a nice weave or just wait another 2 months. But yeah knowing myself I will cut it real soon ;)

Please let me know what you think about it =)

Lots of Love

Varishta Shireen♥

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  1. You can just cut it short like a pixie cut or a layered bob, this way you won't have that much relaxed hair left to grow out. hairstyles like Rihanna.
    And you can always cut it shorter with the time while growing your natural hair.

    But if you feel like you don't want to deal with two textures at all I would either wear box braids or weaves

    1. Hi Bebe! If I cut it short I will have to straighten my hair to blend the textures. My relaxed hair is just DEAD lol. It's so thin and stringy I can't stand looking at it. I'm just going to cut it and still wear weaves/braids while growing my natural hair. Thanks for your input =)

    2. ah okay, I thought your hair is texlaxed because then it would be easier to blend both textures with curly styles like flexi rods.
      But weaves/braids are a great way to grow your hair.

    3. If I really wanted to I could blend it, but I just can't be bothered with it anymore. I don't want to damage it even more at the line of demarcation.

  2. I exactly know how you feel, im also tryna grow out my relaxed hair, but on the other hand my hair is so thick, its hard to put a comb through it, and it so hard to blend your hair with weave, even if it is straightened , it puffs back and just looks kinda trampy, cant slick my edges down for to long, It stresses me out sooo much, especially in humid weather OMG i cant stress it enough.
    But to cut my hair is my biggest fear :)i see so many gals do it and they look beautiful...... but if i do it GOD noes what i would look like

    1. LOL YES!!! I don't even want to straighten my hair because I don't want heat damage while I'm growing my naturel hair out. I'm not scared to cut it but I need options if I do not like it at first. That's why I still wanna be able to weave/braid it. But I know for sure that I will cry for days after i big chop but "it's just hair" ;) Thanks for you input =)